Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hmm there actually such a word as snuck ....sneaked this one is doesn't quite sound right either ....perhaps it should be sneaking ....oh well not to worry here it is anyway -). Before I started on the Spring kit I thought to do a little something for Easter but time got away on me so instead of the fullsize kit I was planning I've reduced it somewhat to tagger-size.

It's only a mini so you won't find a heap of things to use but it's still good practice for me & I'm always happy if someone can make use of my things. Now don't laugh but I attempted to make a quilt of sorts *sigh* some parts of it looked puffy like I wanted yet other bits didn't so that is another thing I would like to spend more time on. But hey, you can always disguise it with a mask LOL I also included a bunny that was a challenge in one of the groups I belong to. We were given the outline template & asked to colour it & what you see is my result. I'm still getting around the fact that I did something cute but I'm sure I'll be right in a day or two -)


7DaysOnly said...

If there isn't a word Snuck I sure in heck use it! lol
This is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shares...tyvm