Friday, May 2, 2008


I know I had never planned to waffle on here but boy sometimes doesn't life kick you right in the teeth!!! Among a host of other things-gone-wrong we are moving in three weeks ....certainly not very far, but enough to warrant hiring movers because of the huge amount of furniture we have. So last week hubby gets a speeding ticket which is something that hasn't happened for years but it's like right up the road from where we live & yet to pay it he has to find his way to some non-descript police station twenty odd miles from here to pay a very large fine. Then a couple of days ago he locks his keys in the car so has to take the train home. Well anyone can do that but last night when he had his car back & on the way home it breaks down. He manages to glide into a Macca's carpark I think it was & he reckons the transmission has gone for obvious reasons. We just swapped insurance companies & hadn't gotten around to Roadside Assistance so he has to walk for miles to find a bus stop that eventually takes him to a train. But lo and behold it's the wrong train. A different line so he has to take that back to wherever it was he started and get on the right one *sigh* . So last night he gets an estimate online to replace the transmission and it's something in the range of $2000 which does not come at a good time when we're moving & only have the one car. Why this could not have happened in another month I don't know because our new place takes us within walking distance of his work and it wouldn't be such a problem. So this morning he has to take the bus again but guess what's raining!! It doesn't do that here very often and usually not at 6am but of course today it has to. I felt so sorry for him ....he wondered why nothing ever goes right in his life ....hmm I could have taken that to heart but given his stress level I let it slide. So out he goes and then a bloody torrential downpour!! It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the bus stop and you guessed it ....poured for all of 15 then stopped. Remarkable!! Now it's a perfectly fine, sunny day -)

Anyway, it's been quite a while since I posted anything & Mother's Day is almost here so made this wee wordart-bundle-thingie which is something I decided I might like to have a bit of a dabble in as well. It was fun actually so no doubt I'll make more whether or not anyone can use it only time will tell but it took my mind off other things for a while!!

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