Sunday, May 4, 2008


I happened to see a very colourful summery tag today which made me realise I had this kit I'd been working on some time back that I never finished ...the original is fullsize & what you see here is the reduced version for taggers with I hope, not too much distortion. Still need to add some more pieces to it along with an alpha however, I have started on that ....have the letter A ....WOW ....hehe .... but with moving & everything else it will probably be some weeks before I even get to continue with it. The display sample does not show everything that is included though so there's a little more than meets the eye. The name ....well, there is a story behind that too but for those of you who don't know and think I've totally lost the plot, it's a line from the song "Good Morning Starshine".


A Designer...Creative Entity said...

Thanks for the memories. I am workingon a "hippie" kit right now. VERY familiar with the play Hair as I have seen it 35 times and Doug rowell who played the lead in one of the touring companies is a friend of mine.
Nibby Nobby Noobie, etc

texoz said...

Very cool Violet!! Thanks for your comments.