Thursday, October 2, 2008


My good friend Whippy at DRAMATIC SUN tried her hand at some wordart templates which I think are pretty darn cool... you can get a better look here #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 & #5 ... Hope you like them as much as I did -) can download by clicking on the example -)

And yes, I know I've been slack in attending to my non-blog but I've been busy with other things, including going back home to Australia for a month. My mum had been very ill and didn't look like she would pull through so hubby said you're going to have to go, which I did. Thankfully she held on by the skin of her teeth and was able to go home after 3 weeks care. Now she just needs to do the right thing and look after herself properly instead of worrying about everyone else. Was so happy to see the rest of the family though as it had been 5 years. Unfortunately had to spend the money we had saved for our new car to get there but family is far more important any day!!

I messed about with some autumn-like colours last week but really not sure if the few items I made are good enough to put up, but I'll think on it some more. There are just soooo many Fall and Halloween kits about at the moment that we're probably all feeling a little swamped. Not that I'm complaining because some of them are just lovely and everyone works so hard on theirs. Hmm... perhaps I need to think way, waaaay ahead and make some odds and ends for like 6 months down the track -)

Speaking of wordart... hehe... I noticed someone requested the "thank-you" note I used months ago. Quess I'll go have another look at it and see if it's "worthy"... it was put together pretty fast so I'm not too sure but I appreciate the interest!!

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Maria said...

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