Friday, October 24, 2008


Title is Aussie slang for "going a bit nuts"... though I prefer to think of it as the term used when I went to far north Queensland for the first time and the heat hit me like a ton of bricks... I seemed to lose all train of rational thought and strangely enough laughed all the time... hmm... guess I never completely recovered!

There are 10 papers in this taggers size kit and that's a record for me... I'm not too sure about half of them but the rest I think may be useful... the aqua/blue wavey one actually looks like the quilt cover on my bed though that is in shades of wine, browns and creams... a couple of flowers [yay I'm the proud owner of a PS action]... some strange little doodle thingies... a pair of thongs [flipflops] for when you're heading to the beach... don't want to cut your feet on those broken beer bottles... a few bugs, even a mozzie because they're always about in the topics... an umbrella to keep the rays off... a bit of wordart... in general, just bits & pieces that you may end up trashing but I had fun messing about making them all the same -)

Thanks for the nice comments that my visitors leave and hello again to my friendly neighbourhood stalker crazyscrapwitch -)

Ronnie xo


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie! Snagged it! :)

Peg said...

Oh what a gem you are for leaving these up! Love the colors!! Beautiful! Thank you again!!