Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I could say I had some time to kill today but in fact I didn't... should have been busy doing housework, instead I found myself looking for tutorials on how to make haunted houses *sigh*!! Well, I ended up finding one though I didn't entirely finish it, I figured just the basic house was enough. Then I saw a house on someone's blog and of course now the name escapes me so I can't direct you there but I made my own version, though not as wonderful as the one I saw it might make someone happy -)


Pat said...

Cooooool looking houses. Thanks so much.
(I should be doing housework too.) LOL

Mags said...

LOVE the "haunted-y" house!
:) Mags

Deenie said...

What a cute spooky house! Thank you for sharing it :)

deerwilderness said...

Thank you for sharing these spooky houses with us.

Anonymous said...

ty so very much - luv it!