Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hopefully you will enjoy this alpha made with three different textures from my Decayed Vintage kit... included is one set of decorated vowels that I was playing about with before tiring of them -)
As per usual, download is via 4-shared!
Ronnie xo

Friday, April 17, 2009


Some fullsize elements to compliment the papers from the previous kit. There are a couple of experimental items included that I got sick of playing with so please dress them up and add your own touches. Thanks to the talents of ROSE.LI for the incredible actions!
Ronnie xo

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Was having a bit of a play about with some paper ideas while I've been having a short break from PSP/PS and ended up with something that I hope is a tad different... I've broken the page set up so that those who would like the full-size papers need only download them and the taggers can grab the smaller ones if they prefer... I've also included some elements that I was messing about with though these are only tagger size and I'm seriously not sure if anyone would fancy them anyway LOL there are 7 papers in the set but that took me long enough to make *sigh* and download is via 4-SHARED... I'm mentioning this because there has been a lot of virus and/or adware related issues with some other servers and I'm not saying the one I prefer to use is super-clean either but just letting everyone know so they can choose whether or not to download from that site -)

Now onto something less pleasant... a week or so ago the person who has been doing the rounds of various blogs and leaving uncalled for remarks paid a visit to mine... they left derogatory and disgusting comments that no one with a shred of decency in them would say... I'm assuming that since they find my site so offensive that they won't be back however, I have decided the best thing to do is moderate the comments left and I'm sorry that I have had to do this... after the remarks I almost decided to shut this blog down because no one deserved to come on here and see what was written by that ill-bred and immature girl but because the majority of people who visit here are decent people and seem to appreciate most of what I make then it shall remain open...

Ronnie xo

Thanks to a number of people who left inspiring comments though for some reason when I moved them across to "public" a couple disappeared *sigh* ...but you know who you are and I appreciate it ...and hope you're feeling better too Kirsty xoxo